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Blickfelder Festival



The festival area extends from the festival center on the meadow at GZ Buchegg to the various venues, which are located throughout the city of Zurich. Information on their accessibility can be found in the program, under the respective program items and on the websites of the venues (see site plan).


School classes from both the city and canton of Zurich receive tickets at special rates. Schools are involved in the festival in a variety of ways, including participatory projects, offers and workshops. More information can be found in the programme.


We recommend reaching the festival venues by foot, bicycle or public transport. The nearest tram and bus stations are marked on the site plan.


The Chocherey open-air kitchen offers delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes with fresh and regional ingredients every day at the festival centre. The cooking team around Ady Rey and Lorenz Nydegger cooks with large and small pots, lots of fire and smoke. There is also free drinking water for quick cooling down. Payment also possible via TWINT.

Fizzy drinks (cold and hot), are available at the bar in the little yellow trolley of Annabelle Villard and her team. Payment also possible by TWINT.

Chocherey (Photo: Kushtrim Memeti)