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Blickfelder Festival

Was macht Lust?

Laura Leupi, Talaya Schmid, Angie Walti, Berufswahlschule Horgen (CH)

I feel like having chocolate. We feel like listening to loud music. I feel like hugging you." When we talk about desire, we quickly talk about sexual experiences. Today, sexual content is only a few clicks away. However, pornography remains a taboo, especially when it comes to dealing with teenagers. But what is pornography anyway? What does it have to do with desire? How can we express desire - alone and together?

Theater maker Laura Leupi, artist Talaya Schmid, and sex educator Angie Walti have discussed desire, pornography, and the question of how we can express desire - alone and together - with students from BWS Horgen. In the exhibition space, the audience now encounters the thoughts of the young people and can explore for themselves what arouses desire.

Festival Center
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible
no age recommendation


Project Team:

Laura Leupi, Talaya Schmid, Angie Walti


Louis, Kaiky, Kalina, Luana, Irina, Lia, Leonita, Rukiye, Anna, Nataliia, Maria


Barbara Stengl

Co-direction school:

Peter Wehrli, Donato Virgilio