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Blickfelder Festival


Fais ce que tu peux

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Schule Milchbuck, Zürich (CH)

Theatre students from two universities on two continents have collaborated with a 4th-grade primary school class to research the topic of capitalism and develop questions. Now, 30 individuals will perform outdoors under the open sky a piece that questions our system, inspired by "The Tower of Babel," in which more and larger towers are constantly being built.

In this process, where does justice and collective participation within a society remain? And what language connects us globally in this endeavor?

GZ Buchegg
50 minutes
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible



Marcel Wattenhofer, together with theatre pedagogy students from the ZHdK and the drama school in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Reka Kokai, Joel Kohler, Alex Faustin Segbo, Abdul Kader Ouedragogo, Daria Thüringer, Zenabou Soube, Agostina di Luciano


Anhelina, Anna, Ben, Cataleya, Dian, Emma, Habiba, Iven, Janika, Jaro, Jonas, Joris, Kilian, Levi, Liam-David, Lina, Mark, Milo, Mona, Nevio, Noel, Romy, Yana