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Blickfelder Festival

There is no Family B

Kompanie Kopfstand (KoKo), Primarschule Hegifeld, Winterthur (DE/CH)

What do intergenerational communities need for good coexistence? What must be present? What is negotiable? What do we wish for? And what do we demand from politics? These and other questions were explored by a 6th-grade primary school class, together with the performance collective KoKo.

The students advise the audience on family issues and the coexistence of different generations. An invitation to engage with the topic "Family - How do we want to live together?"

Festival Center
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible
no age recommendation
There is no Family B (Photo: Charlotte Baumgart)



Julia Bihl, Annina Giordano (KoKo)


Melanie Mock


Saif, Cristian, Joanna, Severin, Lias, Haris, Tom, Rahel, Fabian, Jael, Dilay, Angelica, Noemi, Joelina, Céline, Nils, Mara, Elin, Leonit, Mubin, Larina


Ladina Feucht und Sandra Scherrer