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Blickfelder Festival


Who is in charge?

Une Tribu Collectif (BE)

Imagine never being allowed to make the smallest decision. You can't think or choose for yourself. You have to perform the same show over and over, even though you dislike it. A whole life under the control of others. What can be done to bring about change? Risk everything and seize power? Finally take control, make your own decisions? But what happens with the suddenly gained power, and how does it change us?

Can we dream of a different system? And if so, what does it look like?

Schauspielhaus Zürich (Schiffbau)
75 minutes with short introduction
French with German supertitle
International Theatre/Dance Programme
Wheelchair accessible
Pouvoir (Photo: Celine Chariot)
Pouvoir (Photo: Celine Chariot)
Pouvoir (Photo: Celine Chariot)
Pouvoir (Photo: Celine Chariot)
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Concept, Direction, Puppetry:

Cécile Maidon, Noémie Vincart, Michel Villée


Caspar Langhoff

Sound Design, Composition:

Alice Hebborn (mit Schlagzeugklängen von Thomas Giry und Drehleierklängen von Daniel Schmitz)

Support for Direction and Writing:

Marion Lory


Pierre Tual

Puppet Building and Set Design:

Valentin Périlleux


Corentin Mahieu et Simon Dalemans

Magical Design:

Andrea Fidelio


Rita Belova


Sylvie Thévenard

Sound and Lighting Direction:

Margaux Fontaine, Fanny Boizard


Une Tribu Collectif asbl

Production Management:

La Balsamine

Production Support:

Christine Cloarec - Quai 41


La Balsamine, Le Sablier – Centre National de la Marionnette, L'Hectare - Centre National de la Marionnette, Le Théâtre de Laval  - Centre National de la Marionnette

With the support of:

Théâtre à la Coque - Centre National de la Marionnette-Hennebont, La Roseraie - espace cré-action, le Théâtre La montagne magique et La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek

Thanks to:

Ninon Perez, Nicolas Fong, Louise Hamel, Ekaterina Belova, Antoinette Servais, Christel Vanderstappen, Karl Autrique, Olivier Lenel