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Blickfelder Festival

Mit 80 Jungautor*innen um die Welt

Four legendary novels from Wipkingen"

JULL Junges Literatur Labor, Schule Waidhalde, Zürich (CH)

It's about nothing less than the collapse of the world. About mutant gorillas in Paris. About AI, lots of love, and drama. Since autumn 2023, 80 teenagers from 1st grade classes at JULL have been writing, coached by professionals Renata Burckhardt, Heinz Helle, Valerio Moser, and Anita Siegfried. The result: four novels that couldn't be more different.

At the staged reading, which is also a book launch, the 80 teenagers will bring live-read teasers from their novels to the stage. And of course, they are ready to sign their works.

1. Reading: 
School class Corinne Hilbert / Anita Siegfried & School class David Flachsmann / Valerio Moser

2. Reading:
School class Catherine Bourquin / Heinz Helle & School class Tina Hugenthobler / Renata Burckhardt

Registration via:

GZ Buchegg
2 Times 45 Minutes with a break
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible
no age recommendation



Renata Burckhardt, Heinz Helle, Valerio Moser und Anita Siegfried

Class Sek 1A:

Schüler*innen: Alex, Alma, Dmitri, Elena, Finn, Héloïse, Leonardo, Lilly, Nils, Noemi, Paula, Pema, Phebia, Selma, Seraina, Seyna, Anisa, Hana, Lean
Lehrpersonen: Corinne Hilber und Lara Baric

Class Sek 1B:

Schüler*innen: Alexander, Annalù, Arsema, Curt, Eileen, Elif, Eris, Eva, Gisella Angela, Jephthe Lofalo, Julius, Leonardo, Lias, Lil Rey, Liv, Malik, Matthea Karin, Minna, Naomi, Olïvia, Toma
Lehrperson: Tina Hugentobler

Class Sek 1C:

Schüler*innen: Amélie, Eduard, Elizabete, Deliah, Giulian, Henning, Jara, Jelena, Jonas, Lara, Lidia, Lily, Lojain, Luis, Marielouise, Milad, Ruben, Serafin, Thies ,Tobias, Yara
Lehrperson: Catherine Bourquin

Class Sek 1D

Schüler*innen: Ahmed, Aidan, Ali Maxim, Aurora, Casey, Elena Zewe, Ella Mina, Emma, Fabio, Leandro M., Leandro T , Léontine, Leora, Lia, Lorena, Mieke, Miori, Oscar, Tsomo, Zoé
Lehrperson: David Flachsmann