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Blickfelder Festival

Le cours des choses

Circus, Dance & Music

Zirkus Chnopf (CH)

"Le cours des choses" revolves around the significant and minor connections within a group. What happens when everyone collaborates, and what if more and more resist?

The piece plays with our logic of consequences and challenges our imagination. Can the performers find new paths? A game with risk and humor at the intersection of circus, dance, and music.

"Le cours des choses" is the latest production by Zirkus Chnopf, featuring 5 professionals and 6 young individuals and artists aged between 14 and 24 - performed outdoors.

Festival Center
75 minutes
International Theatre/Dance Programme
Wheelchair accessible
Little or no language


Choreography & direction:

Johanna Heusser

Artistic collaboration:

Marc Oosterhoff

Musical co-direction:

Silvan Koch & Roman Oskar Naef


Ernestyna Orlowska


Marco Weber


Carina Klingsell, Julio Adriàn Yanes Melenderez, Lola Luna Steinwart, Louan Duwan, Marc Bosch Mola, Marine Künzli, Micaela Castrillo Vargas, Sandro Zehnder, Timea Rickenbacher, Jano Schorno, Yeliz Mai Sieger

Co-direction season 2024:

Konrad Utzinger, Katharina Wiss


Polina Petushkova, Konrad Utzinger