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Blickfelder Festival

Labor der Privilegien


Diana Rojas-Feile, Michael Sauter, Primarschule Eglisau (CH)

Where do my privileges come from? The students have embarked on a quest to discover their own privileges. They have wondered what makes their own lives, those of their families, or their neighbors easier or harder. The concept of privilege directs attention to an examination of advantage. For those who are advantaged, their advantage often remains invisible. They do not perceive it as a privilege but rather as the norm. How "normal" does our future look? For which future, with or without privileges, do we feel responsible?

The audience is invited to embark on the audio walk that has emerged from this process and playfully reflect on their own privileges.

Starting point at the entrance GZ Buchegg. Scan the QR code, put on your headphones, and let's go! If you don't have headphones with you, you can borrow some at the information/desk at the festival center.

Festival Center
ca. 30 minutes
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible
Labor der Privilegien (Photo: Diana Rojas Feile)



Flavio, Maris, Elischa, Lorena, Nicolas, Lilly, Liun, Nina, Stella, Calvin, Leonie, Elias, Matheo, Sophia, Alyssa, Sophie, Emma, Hannah, Romina, Colin, Nicola, Yara, Elio, Raphael, Leandra

Direction and Concept:

Diana Rojas-Feile

Music composition and Sound Design:

Michael Sauter

Input «Privilegien»:

Studio Kali

Input «Future Scenarios»:

Dr. Björn Müller

Input «writing workshopt»:

Donat Blum


Roger Zimmermann und Dimitri Gerber