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Blickfelder Festival


OFFCUT Zürich (CH)

This participatory installation at the festival's center invites young and old to build a network of ball tracks with a creative array of recycled materials. Various tracks run next to each other, sometimes connecting, sometimes simply ending on the square. The scenography team of OFFCUT Zurich oversees this project, offering ideas, work materials, and support for the attendees. By playfully addressing themes of sustainability and resource conservation through the creative use of residual materials, a social sculpture is created during the festival. Large, colorful, and full of sounds.

In Cooperation with OFFCUT Zürich.

Festival Center
120 Min
Wheelchair accessible
Without words


Meeting point festival center Turbinenplatz


3rd/4th primary class

Offer open to:

1 school class of the canton of Zurich



Project team

Franziska Bill, Catia Koller, Mirja Fiorentino, Matthias Wehle, Livia Krummenacher, Hanna Widmer, Silvan Kuhl (project management)