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Blickfelder Festival

Kids Jazz Club mit Henry

Nicole Johänntgen, Henry, Schule Flugfeld, Dübendorf (CH)

"Kids Jazz Club with Henry" is inspired by Barnas Jazzhus, a jazz club in Norway. Unlike most conventional jazz clubs, at Barnas Jazzhus, it's not the adults who play, but the children jazz. "Kids Jazz Club with Henry" is about listening to music, making music, watching, marveling, and above all, about the live moment in music. At the center of it all is the art of improvisation.

The musicians will be supported by the children of Quartierschule Flugfeld in Dübendorf. Together, they will take the stage at the festival and play jazz: intuitively, candidly, and directly!

Festival Center
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible
no age recommendation
Kids Jazz Club mit Henry (Photo: Daniel Bernet)



Nicole Johänntgen (saxophone), Pius Baschnagel (drums), Victor Hege (sousaphone), Lukas Wyss (trombone)


Adelia, Alexander, Diego, Emna, Jara, Melek, Nemanja, Roj, Rrezona, Vassili, Ada, Amina, Doukissa, Filip, Ishnu, Lara, Mischa, Mohamed, Neva, Vleron, Mikael, Niloy, Sambala, Mukhammad, Elia, Ruben, Kate, Valentina, Liyana, Fatima, Rron, Josip, Leonis, Jonas, Minh Truong, Ilja, Hector, Lena, Amélie, Kenza, Youssef, Fiona, Abija, Suela, Ania, Lijana, Collin, Marc, Eduan, Noah, Ivy, Leon, Alea, Rehana, Walid, Anik, Lijana, Martim


Monika Schibli Sutter, Andrea Schatzmann, Sibyl Wäckerlin