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Blickfelder Festival


Performances followed by a party

Theaterjahr Schauspielhaus Zürich (CH)

"We'll throw ourselves towards you. We'll scream out loud. We'll dance like were in a Club. Roaring like an engine. Taking hold of the wheel. Making all sorts of sounds; Rummm da da rumm bummmm bumm.

To cap off their year, the Theaterjahr presents a happy ending. With lyrics, choreography, songs, and performances, the five young people will lead you through an evening that surprises, touches, and makes you look forward to life.

"We bend and fall in love. Into each other, away from each other, and finally towards each other. We are heart, lungs, and brain. We beat, breathe and consult. We deform, transform and celebrate with you." 

Schauspielhaus Zürich (Schiffbau)
60 Min
Swiss German, German
Wheelchair accessible


Anina Steiner, Rosa-Lin Meessen, Pauline Avognon, Moubarak Djibril, Enno Rennenkampff


Janaina Brito Santos

Production management:

Daniela Späth



Audience Development:

Laura Kaufmann


Zora Marti, Leo Sussmann, Felix David, Andrea Greiner