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Blickfelder Festival

Huitième jour

Joyful Failure

La Mob à Sisyphe (FR)

What happens on the eighth day? The day of failure: Three men are waiting. They are bored. They spread jam on bread, rock on their chairs, open a bottle - simple everyday actions turn into an absurd game with the desire to outdo themselves.

A virtuoso competition unfolds, combining acrobatics, juggling, and skill. They always push a little further, delighting in exaggeration. But instead of chasing success, wanting to shine, and regretting missed goals, 'Huitième jour' shows what happens when competition reaches its limits: magnificent disasters, joyful chaos, and liberating absurdity!

GZ Buchegg
75 minutes
International Theatre/Dance Programme
Wheelchair accessible
Little or no language
Huitième jour (Photo: Circusögraphy)
La Mob à Sisyphe


Authors, play:

Raphael Milland, Cochise Le Berre & Idriss Roca

External eye:

Dominique Habouzit & Benjamin de Matteis

Lighting design:

Louise Bouchicot

Lighting direction:

Charlotte Eugoné ou Prune Lalouette


Tout Art

Distribution & production:

Camille Le Falhun


STUDIO PACT dispositif mutualisé La Grainerie & le LIDO, La Cascade Pole National des Arts du Cirque, Ardèche Auvergne Rhône Alpes, ECL Ecole de Cirque de Lyon, Groupe Geste(s) - lauréat 2018

With the support of:

La Grainerie, STUDIO PACT, ECL, Ecole de Cirque de Lyon, La Cascade, pôle national des Arts du Cirque Ardèche Auvergne Rhône Alpes, La Maison des Jonglages, scène conventionnée La Courneuve, L’Espace Périphérique, Le LIDO, centre des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse, La Verrerie d’Alès, pôle national Cirque Occitanie, L’été de Vaour, Quattrox4, La Cloche, Ax-animation, SACD processus Cirque 2019