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Blickfelder Festival

Follow me

Interactive Parkour Performance

Be Flat (BE)

In 'Follow me,' two urban acrobats take over public spaces. With acrobatics and parkour, the duo transforms the area around GZ Buchegg: streets and benches become their stage, cobblestones turn into a dance floor, and the honking of passing cars provides the perfect soundtrack – everything becomes a playground for their breathtaking feats. The audience becomes their followers, actively engaging and rediscovering the neighborhood in a unique way.

Turn off your smartphones, tie your shoelaces – and let the show begin!

Meeting point:
Main entrance GZ Buchegg.

Rainy weather:
Due to safety reasons, the described parkour can only take place in dry weather. In case of rain, there will be an acrobatic alternative program. This will also take place outdoors on the festival grounds, so please dress accordingly to the weather.

Festival Center
60 minutes
International Theatre/Dance Programme
Wheelchair accessible
Little or no language
Follow me (Photo: Janne Pekka Manninen)
Follow me (Photo: Ana Desetnica)
Follow me (Photo: Stefaan Beel)
Follow me (Photo: Yngqie Scheerlinck)
Follow me (Photo: Willem Rosiers)
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Creation, Performance:

Ward Mortier, Thomas Decaesstecker


Tars Van Der Vaerent


Craig Weston

Outside eye:

Sander De Cuype


Karen Van Shaik

Administration, production, distribution:

Be Flat VZW



With the support of:

Circus Center, Center des Arts scéniques, Center des Arts de la Rue, Latitude 50, Circus in Motion, Circus Planet, Ell Circo d'ell Fuego, Nerdlab, Flämische community

Thanks to:

Aurelia Brailowsky, Gerda Dekempe, Zaur Kourazov, Celestin Massot, Geert Meeusen, Jakob Rosseel, Dario Tabakov, Tars Van Der Vaerent, Toon Van Gramberen