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Blickfelder Festival

Festival Half-Day: Wandelhaus

Experience the festival for half a day!

Theater PurPur (CH)
Festival Center
Wandelhaus für IDEENUPCYCLING (Photo: Theater PurPur)


9:15 AM

Meeting point: Information at Festival Center

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Building and playing in the "Wandelhaus" (House of Transformation): Almost everything in this world has originated from an idea. It suddenly appeared, was created, or invented. Perhaps it's time to rethink many things. Refresh old inventions, and surely there is much more waiting to be invented. You too are an inventive person! A person with a heart and a head full of imagination and better ideas for the future. We, from Theater PurPur, invite you to the "Wandelhaus." We have collected a lot of material for you. In the "Wandelhaus for IDEENUPCYCLING" (House of Transformation for IDEA UPCYCLING), you explore, build, play, and invent everything anew.

School Level:


Open to:

1 class from the city of Zurich