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Blickfelder Festival

Festival Day: Simple Machines & Robot-Building Workshop

Experience the festival for a full day!

Kwaad Bloed & Tuning People (BE)

We invite 10 classes to participate in various activities at the Blickfelder Festival. Each day or half-day features a diverse program around the festival center and in our partner venues. For the full-day program, classes are encouraged to bring their own packed lunches.

Theater Stadelhofen
Wheelchair accessible
Simple Machines (Photo: Arne Lievens)


9:45 AM

Meeting point: Theater Stadelhofen

10:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Show "Simple Machines": Ugo Dehaes has dismissed all his dancers and instead works with robots. In his basement, he breeds organically looking machines reminiscent of insects. After hatching from their slimy cocoons, he nurtures them and, with the help of artificial intelligence, shapes them into dancing machines capable of creating their own "Robot Ballet." Does this make him as a choreographer redundant? During Ugo Dehaes' Robot Ballet, the audience can get up close to the small machines dancing on the table, engaging sensually and humorously with questions of artificial intelligence, productivity, and efficiency. After the performance, the audience is invited to teach the robots new movements.

Approximately 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Lunch by the lake with individually brought picnics.

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Workshop with Ugo Dehaes: Build your own robot! For his show, Belgian choreographer Ugo Dehaes has constructed small, organically looking robots that learn to dance with him. In the afternoon, the students can become actively involved and build one of the robots from the show themselves. The KIKKBOTT robot consists of an Arduino Nano microchip, 3 small motors, some 3D-printed special elements, and a distance sensor, allowing the little creatures to avoid objects in their path. Students decide how to design their robot and, in exchange with Ugo Dehaes, learn more about the technology behind it.

School Level:

4th / 5th grade primary class

Open to:

1 class from the canton of Zurich