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Blickfelder Festival

Festival Day: Circus #2

Experience the festival for a full day!

Zirkus Chnopf & Zirkusquartier (CH)

We invite 10 classes to participate in various activities at the Blickfelder Festival. Each day or half-day features a diverse program around the festival center and in our partner venues. For the full-day program, classes are encouraged to bring their own packed lunches.

With Anna Kapp (professional circus artist) und Timo Comandé (degree of Accademia Dimitri).

Festival Center
Zirkus Chnopf (Photo: Sava Hlavacek)


10:00 AM

Meeting point: Festival center, GZ Buchegg Meadow, at the information booth.

10:15 – 11:45 AM

Show of "Le cours des choses": The piece explores the significant and minor connections within a group. What happens when everyone collaborates, and what if more and more resist? The performance playfully questions our logic of consequences, challenging our imagination. Can the performers find new paths? A game with risk and humor at the intersection of circus, dance, and music. "Le cours des choses" is the latest production by Circus Chnopf, featuring 5 professionals and 6 young individuals and artists aged between 14 and 24 - performed outdoors.

Approximately 12:00 – 13:00 PM

Lunch at the festival center with individually brought picnics. Free time at the festival center with various recreational activities.

1:00 – 3:00 PM

Circus for experimentation: Time to take the plunge! Dive into the world of the circus for two hours as students step onto the stage. Two artists from Blickfelder Festival will guide the students in their first steps in various circus disciplines.

School Level:

2nd / 3rd grade primary class


This festival day can only be carried out in dry weather.

Open to:

1 class from the canton of Zurich