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Blickfelder Festival

Draussen Schule

Out of school and into society!

Hannah Berner, Isabelle Simmen, Schule Ilgen, Zürich, Staatsarchiv (CH)

In "Draussen Schule," (Outdoor School) students leave the classroom and venture out into the world. To a place that plays an important role in our democratic coexistence. For this edition, they visited the State Archives of the Canton of Zurich, where they spent one day a week for three months.

What function does this place serve for democracy? What is archived here? Who decides that? These and other questions were explored by the students with the employees of the State Archives. Now they provide insights into their investigations.

GZ Buchegg
Swiss German, German
Projects with schools
Draussen Schule (Photo: Cornelia Zierhofer)


Concept and realisation:

Hannah Berner


Isabelle Simmen, Cornelia Zierhofer


Anna, Annick, Eloise, Greta, Hector, Jacob, John, Julia, Julius, Kaya, Kian, Liv, Lorena, Louie, Louise, Luca, Mathilda, Maxim, Mona, Oleg, Sophia, Yumi, Zeno

Head of Department Individual Customer Services State Archives:

Karin Huser