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Blickfelder Festival

Die Schule tanzt!

Opernhaus Zürich, Sekundarschule Im Birch, Zürich, Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich (CH)

"Die Schule tanzt!" (The school dances) is a project that establishes dance in the school life of the Birch School. It creates an inspiring environment where students can push their boundaries, build self-confidence, and develop an understanding of the importance of art and culture.

To conclude, the students have collaborated with four choreographers and developed four dance pieces on the theme "Embarking on the Future." These will be showcased in the auditorium of the Birch School. The project is being research-supported by the Center for School Development at PHZH.

you can find more detailed information about the entire multi-year project.

Schule Im Birch
90 minutes
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible



«Die Schule tanzt!» is a multi-year collaborative project between the Secondary School Im Birch, the Opernhaus Zürich, and the Pädagogischen Hochschule Zürich (PHZH) (Center for School Development).


Adrian, Aina, Alex, Alina, Alina, Alisha, André, Angelina, Ardi, Bajen, Beatriz, Beatriz, Celin, David, David, Devin, Duha, Erlis, Ervin, Frederick, Gabriel, Giulia, Jasmin, Kilian, Kristina, Lara, Laura, Lea, Leah, Leana, Leandra, Lena, Lena, Leo, Leona, Limar, Lina, Lion, Lirinesa, Lisandro, Lucas, Maira, Mariana, Matin, Mehmet, Melanie, Melina, Merisa, Moon, Nuria, Olsa, Pablo, Paloma, Patrick, Sarah, Selenia, Shalom. Shuajb, Silas, Simon, Theodora, Thomas, Valentina, Yasmine, Zaim


Andrea Boll, Myriam Gurini, Björn Buz Meier, Sabine Schindler


Chantal Brügger, Aline Perino, Simone Schaub, Maureen Zollinger


Viktoras Zemenkas


Sira Topic

Production management:

Bettina Holzhausen

Accompanying research and evaluation:

Prof. Dr. Enikö Zala-Mezö, Dr. Jelica Popovic (Center for School Development, PHZH)

Teachers Secondary School Im Birch:

Marie-Paule Moureau, Flavio Gargiulo, Mario Glanzmann, Bastian Oberholzer