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Blickfelder Festival

(de)codiert – Between sending and receiving

Children guide you through the exhibition

Musée Visionnaire & Schule Waidhalde, Zürich (CH)

We weigh what and how we want to communicate. This is not always successful. Wanting to say something "right" can be quite exhausting. Especially when it is perceived as "different" or as "not normal."

As part of "Schule im Museum," students from a 4th grade class have been exploring the works and biographies of artists featured in the current exhibition at the Musée Visionnaire for several months. They have experimented with various materials, formulated their own messages, and are now passing on their knowledge to the audience through interactive tours. Additionally, a film provides insight into the project.

Registration via the museum (limited number of participants): or +41 44 251 66 57

Musée Visionnaire
60 Minutes
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible
Zelle der Frau Marie Lieb, 1894, Sammlung Prinzhorn, Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg



Manuela Hitz, Christina Studer


Evelyn Steigbügel


Amos, Amrei, Anouk, Anouk, Erik, Estella, Gloria, Hugo Theodore, Julius, Lenard, Leni-Maria, Lorane, Lynn, Maiia, Maria, Marlon, Pablo, Salome, Tobias


Stefan Bieri