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Blickfelder Festival

Aus der Reihe tanzen

Cie BewegGrund & Stiftung Bühl (CH)

The children and teachers of the Bühl Foundation School and two dancers from BewegGrund explore the questions of how they find their expression in movement. What do they enjoy about dancing? How can they create a performance together?

The Bern-based association BewegGrund has been promoting inclusive dance since 1998, bringing together people with and without disabilities to dance collectively. The company creates stage productions, regularly conducts courses, holds workshops with choreographers from Switzerland and abroad, and collaborates with schools. BewegGrund always operates with mixed leadership teams consisting of people with and without disabilities.

Stiftung Bühl
60 Minutes with Apéro
Projects with schools
Wheelchair accessible
Little or no language
no age recommendation
Aus der Reihe tanzen (Photo: BewegGrund)



Susanne Schneider, Cornelia Jungo


Nabil, Juliana, Ilay, Jana, Dylan, Lenard, Iliana, Ensar, Selina, Ilir, Lily, Adam, Silio, Mina, Kirushi, Patrik, Hamza, Alain, Manusha, Cris, Mamadou, Andrea, Maria, Joel, Lada, Birgit, Tina