Blickfelder Festival


You look
at the screen.

Water is slowly
seeping up through
the floor.

First, only your ankles,
then your feet, your knees,
your belly, your chest,
your neck, your face,
your hair and everything
around you is under water.

«I can only hold
my breath for
a short time, can’t I?»,
you think for yourself.
But you breathe, as
you have always
lived underwater.

Suddenly you
spot a creature.
It swims up and down.

Then it stops
in front of you.
It looks at you
and you look back.
What does it look like,
this creature?

Show us what
the creature
looks like.


Blickfelder Festival in Zurich stretches its tentacles into the city and presents theater, dance, music, art and literature for children, young people and adults. Fun and a critical exchange on socially relevant topics fuse at the festival. For our next edition from June 9 – 19, 2022, we will transform the Turbinenplatz in Zurich West into a festival center as well a wide variety of Zurich’s cultural institutions into venues and exhibition spaces. Cultural participation is one of our core concerns: participatory projects between artists and local school classes meet international productions at our festival. 

For the next Blickfelder Festival, we want to involve the audience for the festival design from October 1 – 31, 2021. Would you like to participate? Become a part of the story.

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